When I’m not working, odds are I’m in my garden. It’s how I unwind. I planted two Satsuma mandarin orange trees and a fig tree last summer to go along with my grapes, and I planted a ‘Sunshine’ blueberry bush in January. My strawberries are always putting out runners, and I have planted an entire gardenful of them at my mother’s; she makes jam every summer!

My dream was to have armfuls of roses in my house at all times, and to that end I’ve got 20 rose bushes in my yard. Still no armfuls. Oh well; at least I’ve always got a rose or two on my desk as I work.

Since I cook a LOT, composting is always going on at my house. I don’t have time to layer, so kitchen waste goes right in the ground and decomposes on the fly, no pun intended!


My background outside of the creative industry includes being an auto mechanic, car painter, racing driver, model builder and pilot. I also
worked as an instructor’s assistant at the Jim Russell British School of Motor Racing.

I recently switched from car racing back to flying and purchased a 1966 Nanchang CJ-6A military trainer. I fly as a Tiger Squadron wing-qualified formation pilot and perform at flyovers, airshows and memorials. I also enjoy aerobatics and air combat.